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CALL : 866-739-6260

EntellEon* Low-Voltage Power Panel

Meet GE's New Low-Voltage Power Panel – Coming Soon!

EntellEon* - A More Versatile Alternative to Traditional Power Panels. 

Simple. Responsive. Revolutionary . EntellEon, the new low-voltage power panel from GE, offers innovative features to support the performance of the next industrial era.


  • Meets NEC Article 408; UL 67; UL 50; UL 943; UL 489; IBC; NEMA PB1 Panelboards
  • 600V, 1P3W, 3P3W/4W maximum voltage
  • Fully Rated 200kAIC/240V, 100kAIC/480V
  • Mains 150A-1200A MCB (SK, SG, horizontal mounted SE)
  • Maximum Amperage 1200A


Order and install, quickly and easily.

  • Single catalog number for all components
  • Pro-Stock* available up to 1200A
  • Bolted/plug-in bus connection

The power panel, simplified. Start by ordering everything—from exterior panel to individual screws—using a single catalog number. Then use the empower  configurator to assemble the bus in less than 5 minutes and install breakers in less than 30 seconds. Get up and running with ease with the simplified features of EntellEon.


Built for convenience inside and out.

  • Top and bottom feed reversible in field
  • Mix and match modularity
  • Increased access to gutter space

The power panel that works for you with the responsive, modular design of EntellEon. Choose from a variety of sub-assemblies based on need, and save time and labor with single-person maintenance. From the streamlined exterior construction to the simplified interior configuration, EntellEon is truly built for convenience.


Do everything right from the field.

  • Bus stack plugs into interior to allow changes in the field never before possible
  • Single-person installation
  • Ergonomic packaging designed to protect equipment and ease installation timeIt’s power that innovates with the revolutionary features of EntellEon. Its sub-assembly construction allows for easy stocking, and its versatility means any errors made in the field can be fixed in the field - saving time and labor. Due to its mix and match modularity, non-similar breakers can be installed across from each other. From assembly to powering up, EntellEon is designed for flexibility in the field.

Features and Benefits

  • Pro-Stock ready for easier stocking
  • One catalog number for all components
  • Versatile for changes in the field
  • Reversible top and bottom feed
  • Reduced labor and assembly time
  • Easy to maintain
  • Modular package design fits through standard door
  • Clean front cover and improved fit and finish
  • Wide, easy-to-install galvanized enclosures
  • Four box widths simplify installation and design
  • Hinged wire gutter doors come standard
  • Copper 150-1200 amp main bus
  • 200% rated neutrals available
  • Four breakers to choose from
  • Horizontal or vertical mounted main circuit breaker options
  • SK, SG, SF, SE, FB 2 pole and FB 1 pole breakers available

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