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CALL : 866-739-6260

We asked Ryan a few questions about his experience and his time at The Reynolds Company...

Ryan N.


Account Manager

  • What is your personal philosophy?

     "Life is about choices, do the right thing."

  • How long have you been at The Reynolds Company?

    "It’s hard to believe it has already been 11 years."

  • What is your favorite thing about your job?

    "I think it is fascinating to see a behind the scenes look at how various products from all types of industries are manufactured and produced.The general public does not see the industrial space like we do on a daily basis and I think it provides us with an interesting perspective. "

  • Tell us something that might surprise us about you

    "When I was 19 years old I had corrective scoliosis surgery and now have 2 titanium rods and more than a dozen bolts and clips the length of my back.I am very thankful for the advances in medical care and the ability to live an amazing life."

  • What are your hopes for the industry?

    "All parts of the economy are becoming more efficient and our industry is no different.I hope that distribution can continue to grow its value with customers through more than just supply chain.We will need to vertically integrate into various areas like engineering and field services to grow the business.Manufacturers will continue to find ways to stay competitive by selling directly to customers and buying parts will continue to be done easier with online stores becoming more prevalent.I hope that we can diversify our business to continue to grow."