CALL : 866-739-6260

CALL : 866-739-6260

Customized Invoicing


The Reynolds Company delivers the capability of creating orders for you and providing a copy designed to your standard form and with your logo. E-Quote creates the customer PO and packing list in an electronic format, which creates a three way match out of our system that you can use to process your order. Our e-quotes are created automatically, not re-entered. This keeps the paperwork consistent between the job site and our back office.

E-POD (eProof of Delivery)

The Reynolds Company has the same capability as FEDEX and UPS. E-POD allows us to capture the delivery wirelessly, so our system is updated at the time of drop off. Our inside sales team can access the E-POD to view what time the material was signed for, and who signed for it, instantaneously. E-POD eliminates the time and potential inaccuracy of looking up a POD from an outdated filing cabinet to fax to a customer. All orders are signed for upon delivery and wirelessly uploaded to your invoice with the signature on the packing list.