The Reynolds Company
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Local Strength

The Reynolds Company is a wholesale distributor headquartered in Fort Worth, TX. Over the last 39 years, The Reynolds Company has grown to 25 U.S. locations across Texas and Louisiana, with multiple U.S. and international on-site facilities and export activity all over the world.

global reach

Our ability to scale and manage large industrial and commercial projects anywhere in the world has been a major contributor to our growth and is our trademark in the industry. We pride ourselves on providing innovative services and solutions to meet your needs, in addition to delivering best-in-class products. Our focus on quality, productivity, and reduction in total cost of ownership creates a strong foundation from which we are building our business. Hiring resident experts in the field, we are committed to bringing our customers together with representatives you have grown to trust, supported by a customer-focused company.

investing in people & technology

The Reynolds Company is defined by our ability to understand customer applications and apply current technology to solve problems. We continue to expand our digital capabilities by investing in technology, allowing us to be more efficient and save time. Our goal is to leverage technology to spend more time building relationships with our key stakeholders – our customers, our supplier partners, and our employee-owners.

joining forces

In January 2018, The Reynolds Company joined forces with McNaughton-McKay Electric Company, creating a multi-region, Top 10 electrical distributor.

In 2020, The Reynolds Company acquired Flow-Zone, a premier distributor of pipe, valves, fittings, instrumentation, controls and measurement equipment for the Upstream, Midstream and Downstream Markets throughout Texas and New Mexico. In 2021, The Reynolds Company acquired Mid-Coast Electric Supply, Inc., an electrical and automation distributor primarily focused on the industrial markets of South Texas.

These additions provide significant geographic expansion, a highly aligned portfolio of products and an unwavering commitment to quality and service.

The McNaughton-McKay group of companies currently have over 60 locations covering 10 states and 1,600+ employee-owners.