CALL : 866-739-6260

CALL : 866-739-6260

Keep Your Operations Running with Remanufacturing Services

Let our specialists manage your repair services, while you manage the operations of your facility.

As the Original Equipment Manufacturer, Rockwell Automation takes the repair of their products to a higher standard and quality level. Through their ISO certified remanufacturing process, Rockwell Automation inspects and tests every component, upgrades the firmware and revisions needed on each board, and test each repaired unit to make sure it is up to like new standards. View before and after photos and additional details here.

Benefits of Remanufacturing Services from Rockwell Automation

  • • Savings: the cost of remanufactured versus buying new can bring substantial cost savings
  • • Warranty: the entire unit comes back to you under warranty and with some programs offering a 2–year warranty (better than when buying as new)
  • • Logistics: next day air exchange available
  • • OEM Testing: before unit is returned, it is tested to the same standards as a new product shipping from factory (only the OEM can perform this)
  • • Assurance: knowing the OEM remanufactured your product, and it not being a copied or counterfeit product, or a salvaged piece of equipment
  • • Logistics: next day air exchange available
  • • Remanufactured: the remanufactured unit will be updated with the latest firmware revisions (only the OEM can perform this)
  • • Security: protects you from cybersecurity issues

TRC Talks Podcast

Listen to Part 4 of the Asset Management series on our TRC Talks Podcast to learn more about repair and remanufacturing services.

Looking for more information?

To discuss a repair management program, please contact: Brad Freeman (North Texas), Andrew Hultgren (South Texas), or Joe Boudreaux (Louisiana).

For pricing on an individual repair, please contact Kristine Torres (North Texas), Regina Pence (South Texas), or Parker Richerson (Louisiana).