CALL : 866-739-6260

CALL : 866-739-6260

System Capabilities

The Reynolds Company is defined by our ability to understand customer applications and apply current technology to solve problems. With the latest technology, we are able to focus on more important things - like YOU.

Infor ERP SX.enterprise is the industry leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system software that provides The Reynolds Company with the tools designed to automate the mission-critical functions within the supply chain. It includes financial, logistics, inventory, sales management, and business-critical applications that make communications and information flow among suppliers, customers, and vendors more efficient and productive.

Total Warehouse Logistics / Customized Barcoding gives each of The Reynolds Company warehouses barcoding functionality. Every single product is traceable from the moment it enters our dock to the moment it arrives to you.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the structured transmission of electronic documents. The Reynolds Company is an industry leader in the use of EDI and supports virtually all standard transaction sets. A substantial portion of The Reynolds Company transactions with customers and suppliers are processed using EDI. We process nearly 1,000 EDI transactions every day! ANSI X12 standards are used in all EDI processing and The Reynolds Company currently supports versions 3010 through 4030. The following EDI data sets are supported:

(810) In / Outbound Invoice

(820) Outbound Remittance Advice

(844) Outbound Rebate Report

(845) Inbound Price Authorization

(849) Inbound Response to Request for Quotation

(850) In / Outbound Purchase Order

(852) Outbound Product Activity (Vendor Managed Inventory)

(855) In / Outbound Purchase Order Acknowledgment

(856) In / Outbound Advanced Ship Notice

(867) Outbound Product Transfer / Resale Report

(860) Inbound Change of Order

(863) Inbound Report of Test Results

(870) Inbound Order Status Report

(990) Inbound Response to Load Tender

(997) In / Outbound Functional Acknowledgment


XML is another way to send and/or receive documents. We use XML, which is a set of rules to encode documents electronically, to emphasize simplicity, generality, and usability. The Reynolds Company has implemented XML connections with some of our customers either directly or through various customer selected market places. These customers are sending purchase orders and change orders in XML format. We are returning order acknowledgements, advance ship notices, and invoices in XML format. We support many XML formats and communication methods.


Ariba and The Reynolds Company have an ongoing relationship on behalf of many strategic customers. We are integrated with the Ariba Supplier Network so that orders received through the 'ASN" go directly into our ERP system.