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The Hidden Value of an Integrated Service Agreement


Partnered with Rockwell Automation, The Reynolds Company offers a flexible agreement that helps our customers get more value from assets like technology, equipment, and software. Instead of juggling multiple costly support contracts, the Integrated Service Agreement covers key services like remote support, repair services, field services, e-learning and digital analytics, and reports. With proactive support and a dedicated phone number to call, we expect you’ll experience ROI while training your team and repositioning your time. Below we highlight some of the most impressive outcomes we’ve seen from customers who have invested in an ISA.

Save $

How much money does it cost to have a line down for half a day? When downtime strikes, lean on your ISA as the quickest option to get back up and running. In addition to speed, the price is expected and fixed. Don’t be hit with variable fees for call-outs and support - have a predictable annual cost associated with your support plan.

  • Insights show what problems are costing you, so resources can be spent on the most expensive issues.
  • We will make sure you are locked in with the best contract by regularly reviewing how you are utilizing all that is included with an ISA. Usage information is available to make an upgrade or downgrade decision.
  • Take your support plan company-wide. Your ISA can cover multiple locations, even on a global scale.

Ensure asset realiability

  • About 1 in 3 products returned to Rockwell Automation do not have any problems. They are not working because the firmware is outdated – this can be caught before failure and updated remotely using resources provided by an ISA.
  • Make sure your technology is being used to its maximum potential by getting an expert consult.
  • Use data insights provided by an ISA to know what assets to focus on.
  • An ISA will provide modernization suggestions before equipment fails due to age.
  • Showcase performance analytics to your leaders to show value in people, technology, and strategy.

Boost Key Performance Indicators

  • With a Premier ISA, you will have a dedicated individual to do scheduled maintenance on your equipment, double check spare parts, and show you how to use remote support.
  • Access to enhanced performance dashboards show how to take advantage of all an ISA has to offer.

need more information?

If you would like to learn which level of support is right for you, please reach out to your account manager or local specialist or contact us below.