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Elevating your Installations: Eaton B-Line Strut Systems


Eaton’s B-Line series strut system and services include multiple solutions that help reduce complexity and speed installations to maximize your profit. Whether the need is for an electrical strut support, mechanical channel support or data and communication support systems, B-Line series system is designed to easily assemble and used in a variety of applications, such as:

  • Cable management support
  • Pipe and conduit support
  • HVAC duct support
  • Strut racking systems
  • Ceiling grids
  • Machine guarding
  • Panel stands
  • Etc.


  • Saves upfront prep time and jobsite cutting
  • No exposed edges, all cut-to-length strut is deburred before shipping
  • No wasted strut lying around the shop or jobsite
  • Ships pre-packaged and clearly labeled by cut lengths
  • Multiple accessories available to complete your project

Why B-Line?

What sets B-Line series strut system apart is the use of structural quality steel. This system is manufactured with precision and heat code numbering, making it easy to identify a structural-quality steel product. It is offered in a broad range of protective finishes and materials, further enhancing its durability. The system includes time-saving strut fittings and accessories, making installation quick and easy. Eaton also provides cut-to-length strut system services for a customized fit.

Strut Accesories

Slips onto an all threaded rod at any point along the length of the rod, and with a quick turn of the nut – locks into place; saving up to 50% on installation time. 

Twirl Nut

Faster to install than traditional channel nuts. The unique spring steel retainer will NOT tangle in the box or fall through slots in the channel. 

A nut and washer combined – a simple design that makes installation a breeze and requires fewer parts to manage on the site. 


Pre-Assembled Strut Fittings

Buzznut for B-Line Series Strut System

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