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Efficiency Meets Reliability with the PowerMark™ PRO Load Center from ABB


Experience the innovation of ABB with the PowerMark™ PRO Load Center. With ease of installation, flexible design, and increased reliability, you can save on both time and labor. The PowerMark™ PRO Load Center is designed to elevate your new home construction, multifamily or residential renovation by incorporating advanced technology from ABB.

PowerMark™ PRO Load Center

Built to Carry your Loads

The PowerMark™ PRO Load Center is designed to receive electricity from the utility source and then distribute it throughout a facility in order to support dependable electrical distribution.


  • Main Breaker Range - 100A to 225A
  • 8-60 circuit capacity
  • 22k AIC main breaker, series rated 22kA/10kA
  • Single-phase, three wire, 120/240VAC
  • 60/75°C conductor rating


Ease of Installation: 

    • Plug-on neutral breakers maximize gutter space
    • AFCI shared neutrals enable simplified retrofits
    • Elevated neutral bars for easier wiring
    • Enhanced diamond key knockouts for convenient installation

Flexible Design: 

    • Common main breaker platform
    • Main breaker load center: Standard ground lug for faster field installation
    • Lug convertible load center: Comes with standard ground bar and ground lug
    • Gray and white trims available

Increased Reliability: 

    • Plug-on neutral breakers
    • Rugged tin-plated copper bus
    • Lasting galvanized box
    • Suitable as service entrance equipment

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