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ReliaGear™ Pro-Stock™ Lighting Panelboard by ABB


Engineered for projects with short turnaround, ReliaGear Pro-Stock lighting panelboards are a smart investment when operational downtime cannot be afforded. Pro-Stock lighting panelboards are delivered unassembled providing the flexibility to select interior, enclosure type, front, main, and sub-breaker kit to meet most application requirements immediately.

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Projects with short turnaround

    Emergency situations, property damage, strip malls, subways, small businesses, or buildings

    +1K configurations

    XTreme flexibility to meet your application requirements

    XTra value at every level

    A smart investment when operational downtime can’t be afforded

    No lead-time

    Available immediately on our shelf 


    Assemble and install on-site in about 30 minutes

    Standard parts

    7 steps to complete your selection

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    Interested in using a ReliaGear Pro-Stock Lighting Panel for your next project? Reach out today to get started.

    ReliaGear® Lighting Panel Boards