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A Comprehensive Guide to the Appleton™ Mercmaster™ Connect LED Luminaire: The Ultimate Lighting Solution


The Appleton™ Mercmaster™ Connect LED Luminaire represents a comprehensive lighting solution that boasts WirelessHART connectivity. It offers a range of dimmable lumen output choices, spanning from 5,500 to 17,500 lumens. This luminaire is known for its versatility, attributable to its extensive selection of customization choices and complementary accessories. These top-tier connected LED luminaires are designed to meet even the most demanding requirements for both task and area lighting. 


WirelessHART®, designed specifically for process automation applications, operates on the principle of mesh networking. In this network configuration, every device within the mesh network has the potential to act as a message router for other devices. This means that a device doesn't need to establish a direct connection with a central gateway; instead, it can relay its message through the nearest available device, effectively expanding the network's reach. This technology allows for the Mercmaster™ Connect LED Luminaire to offer features like time-out delay and dimming.



As the global demand for energy-efficient lighting solutions grows, businesses and industries are under increasing pressure to reduce their carbon footprint. Traditional lighting systems, such as HIP or HDS are extremely energy-hungry. LED technology utilized in the Mercmaster™ Connect LED Luminaires by Appleton is up to 65% more energy efficient. With the additional energy saving features like the dimmable outputs, motion sensing, and daylight harvesting increase the already sustainable lighting option to a new level. 

Energy Saving Features:

  • Occupancy Detection: The WirelessHART sensor leverages passive infrared technology to detect motion of human-sized objects, triggering all grouped lights to maximum brightness to ensure safety.
  • Daylight Harvesting: This popular feature provides you with the flexibility to program Mercmaster™ Connect Luminaires to take advantage of natural light, both indoors and outdoors
  • Scheduling: Time based controls let you schedule up to four time periods per day per group

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With certifications for Class I, Division 2, and Zone 2 environments, this lighting solution offers a versatile option for various industrial and potentially hazardous settings. These include oil refineries, petrochemical facilities, chemical plants, power generation plants, and other areas where flammable gasses and vapors may be present. 

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