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The Benefits of Remanufacturing & Repair Services

Joe Boudreaux2/11/2022

The Reynolds Company and Rockwell Automation are here to support you during these challenging and difficult times. One service we have that tends to grow in demand during difficult economic times is our Remanufactured or Repairs services through Rockwell Automation. 

As the Original Equipment Manufacturer, Rockwell Automation takes repairs of their products to a higher standard and quality level. Rockwell Automation re-manufactures the product you send back through The Reynolds Company. Through the remanufacture process, Rockwell Automation inspects and tests every component, upgrades the firmware and revisions needed on each board, and tests each repaired unit to make sure it is up to like-new standards. Most other repair companies only identify, repair, or replace the failed component. 

Learn more about the advantages of using Remanufacturing Services from Rockwell Automation.

3 Remanufacturing Levels:

1. Economy: 12-month warranty / 2-6 weeks repair*

Your unit is sent through our proprietary process and returned to you typically within 2-6 weeks of the product being received. The entire unit has a 12-month comprehensive warranty.

2. Standard: 18-month warranty / 3-14 business days*

After your unit is received at the Rockwell Automation depot, an exchange unit will be dispatched within 24 hours via standard ground shipment. If no exchange unit is available, in most cases your unit will be remanufactured and shipped within 5 days.* All Standard transactions are expedited and prioritized to the front of the production schedule. The entire unit has an 18-month comprehensive warranty.

3. Priority Exchange: 24-month warranty / Next Day Air

The Priority Exchange Service gets you a replacement the next day via expedited service. Rockwell Automation has over 50,000 catalog items and $100+ million in products available for exchange in their global network of service parts hub. This service also includes emergency service every day at every hour.

*Typical repair times. Actual time may vary. Repair time may be extended due to parts shortage for certain units.

All Levels go through the Rockwell Automation proprietary 7-step process:

1. Receipt and Verification

2. Revisions and Enhancements 

3. Component Verification/Replacement

4. Functional and Load Testing

5. Environmental Simulation

6. Final Quality Inspection

7. Secure Shipping

need more information?

Whether you need a quote on an individual repair, or if you’re looking to discuss a repair management program, let our specialists help get you started and answer your questions.

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Written By

Joseph Boudreaux

Services Specialist | Louisiana