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HYSEAL Cold Shrink Medium Voltage Cable Terminations by Burndy®


The BURNDY® HYSEAL Integrated, all-in-one design has ushered in a new era of medium voltage cable termination reliability, efficiency, safety, and performance.

BURNDY focuses on high-performance and low-maintenance with the fewest installation steps in the industry. Nationwide, the HYSEAL product is one of the fastest-growing choices in medium voltage terminations. Along with streamlined installation, the BURNDY HYSEAL MVTs perform to the highest standards because of cutting-edge propriety engineering and materials.

Overall, the BURNDY® HYSEAL product line provides end-users with the fewest installation steps, superior technical performance, and cost savings.

Product Features

  • Built-in endseal mastic - installed on both ends of the termination, helps streamline installation and operation
  • HYZINC Stress-Grading Mastic - fills void between rubber body and cable substrate to deliver exceptional discharge and impulse performance
  • Durable silicon rubber body - tough enough for any industrial or utility environment, UV-resistant and hydrophobic
  • Single Spiral Ripcord - anyone can install, the ripcord pulls in seconds for a stable, solid installation
  • Silicone Cold Shrink Jacket - protecting the system for indoor and outdoor work, eliminates the risk that comes with applied heat

The Burndy Engineered System

BURNDY® owns the engineering, design, and manufacturing of all the components that make up a compression terminal connection. Used together, tools, dies, connectors, and insulation kits form a trusted UL Listed connection, only earned with rigorous testing and evaluations that demonstrate compliance with nationally recognized safety standards. Connections made with the BURNDY® Engineered System are backed with a 5-year warranty. BURNDY® provides comprehensive training on all tools to ensure that proper, inspectable crimps can be performed with confidence every time.

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