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1783 CIP Security™ Proxy from Rockwell Automation

Luis Ramos7/7/2022

Rockwell Automation has released the new 1783 CIP Security™ Proxy. This DIN rail-mounted standalone device lets you connect a device that is not CIP (Common Industrial Protocol) Security-capable to an Industrial Control System that has CIP Security enabled. The 1783-CSP CIP Security™ Proxy provides configuration through FactoryTalk® Policy Manager software and FactoryTalk System Services.

This provides secure communication down to Non-CIP Security enabled devices including Controllers, I/O families, and EtherNet/IP based Drives. CIP Security is part of the Defense-in-Depth Security Architecture, which provides multiple layers of security to prevent network-based attacks.

The goal of CIP Security is ensuring the Industrial Control System is protected from malicious CIP communications. 

Devices enabled with CIP Security can:

  • Reject data that has been altered (integrity)
  • Reject messages sent by untrusted people or untrusted devices (authenticity)
  • Reject messages that request actions that are not allowed (authorization)

CIP Security Enabled Devices

  • FactoryTalk Linx
  • ControlLogix® 5580
  • GuardLogix® 5580
  • 1756-EN4TR
  • CompactLogix™ 5380
  • Compact GuardLogix®5380
  • Kinetix® 5700
  • Kinetix® 5300
  • PowerFlex® 755T
  • Armor™ PowerFlex®
  • CIP Security Proxy

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Written by

Luis Ramos

Business Development Manager - Process, Software, Network Security

ISA/IEC 62443 Cybersecurity Expert