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Cooper Lighting Solutions - Germicidal UV Disinfecting Solutions


Cooper Lighting Solutions offers a proven fail-safe disinfection solution, helping the world adjust to a new normal that prioritizes health and safety.

Cooper Lighting Solutions leverages UV-C technology to solve a global need: clean spaces, things, and places. Germicidal UV disinfection solutions are safety-certified, non-visible rays that kills bacteria, mold, and fungi while deactivating viruses. Using various applications, UV-C can sanitize airflow, surfaces, and high-touch items.

Germicidal disinfection can reduce the use of chemicals to sanitize spaces quickly and efficiently. With the correct intensity for your space, surfaces and airflow can be 96% sanitized in 15 minutes. Restrooms, offices, classrooms, cafeterias, gyms, airports, and restaurants will become sanitary for all using Cooper technology. 

Air Cleaning Solutions

Easy-to-install products that keep air virus and bacteria-free.

  • Cleans air continuously, even in occupied spaces
  • Safety-first design
  • Inactivates the COVID-19 virus
  • GAC Germicidal Air Ceiling Mount fits in a 2X2 grid opening

Surface Cleaning Solutions

Clean frequently touched surfaces in minutes.

  • Fail-safe solution turns off operation if someone enters
  • Sanitizes in minutes
  • Inactivates the COVID-19 virus

Research has found after 20 minutes, 99.9% of bacteria, mold, fungi, and viruses were gone. To minimize the risk of human exposure to direct UV-C rays, Cooper offers the UV-C control system which confirms the space is empty, restricts operation to authorized personnel only, and automatically turns off the bulbs if anyone enters the space. 

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