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Save Time with Reel Payoff® by Encore Wire


Elevate your business to the next level with Reel Payoff® from Encore Wire. The Reel Payoff® is the industry’s first self-spinning wooden reel which helps you store, wind, and unwind wire. Did you know that an average reel takes significant time and up to 3 people to maneuver? With Reel Payoff®, you can save around 70% of your set-up time, 65% of your pull time, 74% of labor hours, and 81% of clean-up time compared to the average reel.


Labor Saving Solution

The Reel Payoff® offers 360° maneuverability, making it perfect for smaller spaces - this is designed to reduce the number of people needed to operate the reel down to one. A reel within a reel lightens the weight and allows you to easily maneuver through any 32 inch doorway. The reel legs also lock in place during transit and loading to ultimately aid you in reducing any possible damage. Equipped with a 4-way pallet, the Reel Payoff® can be pulled with no tools - saving you time.


Ranging from 24-48 inches, the Reel Payoff has 6 different sizes available to help custom fit to the jobs you need. It is customizable with various cuts, parallels, and layered parallels.

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Reel Payoff® Premium

Check out the latest product development – The Reel Payoff® Premium. This new reel transforms the original version into a single sheet of hard wood. It’s lighter, more stable, and helps to decrease in the overall pulling tension, making it even easier to use. The weather resistant reel is designed to aid in larger projects. With a welded metal band and a pre-cut metal drum with wire-tail slots, it can accommodate virtually any wire size.

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