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FactoryTalk Updater Tool

Wayne Welk1/23/2020

Have you ever wondered exactly what Rockwell Automation software is installed on your PC? And then what versions are installed and what the latest version actually is? If so, the new FactoryTalk® Updater Tool is made for you.

FactoryTalk Updater is a new tool that is installed with the latest software revisions, such as FactoryTalk View Studio version 11 or Studio 5000 Logix® Designer version 32.

It provides visibility to all versions that are installed and compare to recently released versions and patches. The benefit of using the FactoryTalk Updates is that it allows at-a-glance comparison to ensure users can stay up to date without additional searching. Downloading current versions is still done through the normal Rockwell Automation software download center. A current TechConnect support may be required to access the latest versions.

Here is an image of a scan. The tool provides information on all of the currently installed versions, and then shows what the latest version is.