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What’s New with FLEX 5000™ Safety I/O modules?

David Aldrich2/28/2022

The Rockwell Automation FLEX 5000™ I/O is a reliable and flexible in-cabinet distributed I/O solution that allows you to choose the I/O to meet your application needs while helping to reduce engineering time/costs and reducing downtime with automatic device diagnostics and real-time device status monitoring. Built for any application from a harsh environment in the Oil & Gas market to a clean room at a semiconductor or pharmaceutical company. 

The new FLEX 5000 safety I/O provides protection of people, environment, and assets for both machine safety and process safety. The FLEX 5000 safety I/O offers a complete portfolio of discrete and analog fail-safe I/O modules. The analog safety I/O modules are designed for process safety applications requiring speed/frequency measurement, temperature sensors, pressure and flow sensors, and analog devices with HART protocol. Both discrete and analog safety I/O modules are TÜV certified up to SIL 3 PLe and Cat. 4 to meet the needs of your application.  

The FLEX 5000 analog safety I/O modules are ideal for process applications such as emergency shutdown, compressor control, oil and gas auxiliary boilers, high-pressure protection, and more. Help minimize downtime through easy access to additional process diagnostics via highly integrated HART in the Studio 5000 Logix Designer® application, while reducing system costs and complexity by mounting standard and safety I/O modules in the same I/O rack and using a single design environment for easy configuration.

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Learn more about the FLEX 5000 I/O that offers integrated safety and automation control in one distributed I/O platform.    

Written By

David Aldrich

Safety Specialist | North Texas