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Hoffman Thermal Audit


nVent HOFFMAN’s 2021 Thermal Audit Program

Keeping your electronics cool is essential to maximizing the life cycles of your electronic devices, reducing capital expenses, and keeping your business running. A thermal audit is a great way to quickly identify problem areas that can affect performance and potentially damage your critical equipment.

This service is FREE and we’ll recommend HOFFMAN enclosure cooling solutions to help you maximize uptime and reduce maintenance costs based on the audit results. 

How does a nVent HOFFMAN Thermal Audit work?

  • Enclosure Inspection By An nVent HOFFMAN Specialist
  • In-depth Thermal Analysis
  • Thermal Audit Report
  • Solution Recommendations

Benefits of a nVent HOFFMAN Thermal Audit:

  • Extend Operational Life
  • Prevent Catastrophic Failure
  • Sustain Productivity
  • Maintain Equipment Warranties

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HOFFMAN's Free Thermal Audit Service