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Motor Protection and Power Quality from Hammond Power Solutions


Hammond Power Solutions has a long history of helping organizations handle voltage anomalies and harmonic issues in their facilities. The most recent addition to their line of power quality solutions is the Centurion™ S SineWave Motor Protection Filter. This product protects motor and feeder cables from common issues that can decrease the efficiency of transformers, disrupt operations and cause premature equipment failure. On the output side of a Variable-Frequency Drive (VFD), when alternating current (AC) power is converted to direct current intermediate power (DC), producing quasi-sinusoidal AC power on the inverter side, the assimilated sine wave can create several problems downstream from the drive, including reflected waves that can damage the cabling and motor. For cable runs over 1000 ft. (commonly applied in deep wells, mines and even plants), a SineWave filter offers both differential and common mode protection against elevated currents and voltage spikes.

See the protection for yourself by checking out the Centurion S SineWave Motor Protection Filter’s product page. There you will find graphs displaying measured data points of Total Harmonic Distortion and voltage waveforms on the input of a motor terminal with and without the filter installed, full product catalogs and technical specifications and a link to the HPS Power Quality Lab (a new installation that allows users to reserve time with HPS Power Quality Engineers for virtual or in-person, real-time testing and analysis of power quality products).

Features & Benefits

Superior Performance

  • Eliminates the high-frequency components of the pulse width modulated (PWM) output
  • Up to 600-amp current rating
  • Low Insertion Loss (maximum voltage drop of 5%)
  • Broad range of operational inverter switching frequencies (2-8 kHz)

Protection for Motor and Cabling

  • For use in long cable runs (1,000-15,000 ft.)
  • Lowers motor noise level (in a 500-HP max motor size)
  • Smooths voltage reflection and harmonic distortion
  • Reduces the load on a VFD by 10-15%

Tested for Quality and Safety

  • Easy installation with open style or Type 3R enclosure options
  • Validated through real-world system simulations
  • Backed by a 3-year warranty
  • cULus certified product

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