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Revolutionizing Power Connectivity: Exploring Straight Blade EdgeConnect™ Technology by Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems


EdgeConnect™ Technology:

The innovative EdgeConnect™ plunger and spring technology redefines simplicity in installation. By effortlessly inserting strip wires to press the plungers, termination becomes a seamless process. Enhanced by strategically molded leverage points for quick termination releases, future change-outs are hassle-free. Not only does EdgeConnect™ ensure a highly secure connection, but it also eliminates concerns of strand relaxation over time that could be attributable to thermal cycling, vibrations, and mishandling. With its quick installation capabilities, this technology paves the way for significant cost reductions.

Straight Blade

Straight blade plugs and connectors serve as the primary method for supplying power to the devices that are integral to our daily lives. Hubbell provides a diverse range of duplex receptacles featuring EdgeConnect technology. These receptacles are available across various categories, including hospital, industrial, and commercial grade. Hubbell Wiring has configurations available in 15A 125V and 20A 125V to fit with any project you may have.

key benefits


Screwless and toolless termination save up to 80% installation time


Built to withstand the industry’s harshest environments


No exposed terminal screws


Terminations are 25-60% stronger when subjected to vibrations

Where can straight blade devices be used?


  • The unique design of nickel-plated bypass contacts enhances contact pressure, leading to a reduction in operating temperature.
  • A four-point grounding system offers additional grounding, ensuring effective ground continuity with low resistance in areas subject to high levels of wear and tear.
  • Impact resistant deep face design prevents breakage

  • One-piece brass ground strap
  • Patented bypass contacts
  • Back wired ground terminal reduces installation time and increases convenience

  • The patented TR design effectively eradicates challenges related to plug-in difficulties and TR-related complaints.
  • Ideally suited for residential TR applications where tenants have restricted dexterity or hand strength.
  • Designed for installations in areas requiring Tamper-Resistant receptacles.
  • Showcasing a top-tier TR mechanism that sets the standard in its class.

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