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InHand Networks: InMetrics K16 Body Temperature Reading Kiosk


As businesses across the country are planning to reopen, keeping employees safe is the top priority of their return-to-work strategies. InHand Networks provides InMetrics Body Temperature Reading Kiosk to help companies deliver a safe environment and get back to work safely. The InMetrics K16 can scan multiple people in rapid succession at a time to keep traffic moving. It is complete plug and play with no IT integration required.

Available with desk stand, floor stand, wall mount and more options, the InMetrics K16 Non-contact Body Temperature Reading Kiosk is ideals for offices, factories, schools, hotels, movie theatres, supermarkets and more.

Stand-alone Temperature Reading Kiosk

Ideal for Offices/Hotels/Supermarkets/Movie Theaters/Factories

  • Instantaneous temp. reading in <1 second, able to handle large volume of traffic
  • Forehead temp. measurement, no need to remove facemask or hat
  • Plug & play with no IT integration required
  • Flexible installation for various building entry types, walk-thru gates, doorways, etc.
  • Full API supports integration with 3rd party Building Management System
  • Support facial recognition for logging and access control