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Introducing Fiix


Rockwell Automation introduces Fiix: a state-of-the-art AI-powered Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS). This system enables maintenance teams to manage their operations, even on a mobile platform. Fiix is compromised of tools that allow your team to schedule and act on maintenance before downtime eats up your productivity. Manage your assets, streamline work orders, control storerooms, and be in the know by investing in Fiix by Rockwell Automation. 

Downtime is one of the most expensive operational issues faced globally. Most organizations are struggling to figure out what to invest in to make the big shift from reactive to proactive maintenance and service. We have the answer for you. With over 20 spotlight features created with functionality in mind, Fiix is the multi-faceted solution to optimize your maintenance process. React to emergencies in seconds, reduce downtime by 27%, cut labor and production costs, and quickly earn an impressive ROI with Fiix.  

The Fiix track record:

  • 6.2M work orders managed/year
  • 2M assets managed/day
  • Schedules 3.5M preventative maintenances/year
  • Reduced time time to fill out a work order by 78%
  • 90 days to ROI

Optimize your maintenance:

  • AI-powered work order software
  • Organize & track asset performance
  • Produce actionable maintenance insights
  • 46% shift to proactive maintenance

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