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Panduit® VeriSafe™ 2.0 AVT


The Panduit® VeriSafe™ Absence of Voltage Tester (AVT) 2.0 is now available to pre-order!

The VeriSafe AVT 2.0 has all of the VeriSafe 1.0 features, plus network connectivity, a battery-free option, expanded ratings, and it can initiate from multiple locations. 

An absence of voltage tester, or AVT, is a permanently-mounted tester used to verify a circuit is de-energized. The VeriSafe AVT tests for the absence of voltage in low voltage electrical enclosures. The VeriSafe AVT reduces the likelihood of electrical exposure by eliminating errors from inadequately rated portable testers, automating the test process, reducing human error, and improving efficiency. 

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verisafe avt benefits

AVTs reduce the likelihood of exposure to electrical hazards and severity of exposure by:

  • Reducing errors from inadequately rated portable testers
  • Automating the test process
  • Reducing human errors
  • Improving efficiency

Other related solutions to VeriSafe AVT:

  • Insulation piercing connectors provide an efficient and regulatory compliant method for VeriSafe installations
  • Access Control Kit installed with the VeriSafe AVT takes lockout-tagout to the next level – locking the enclosure until a de-energized state is verified
  • VeriSafe AVT is also pre-installed in retrofit enclosures for brownfield applications that have challenging space constraints

Comparison of Test Methods

VeriSafe AVT vs. Portable Handheld Tester

  • The steps are automated to ensure they are performed in the right sequence every time, reducing human error.
  • The AVT ensures it is in contact with circuit conductors upon testing – if you do not have good contact between the tester and conductor, you will not get an accurate result.
  • The handheld tester requires exposure to hazards. The installed VeriSafe tester will provide the status of voltage before equipment is opened.
  • An AVT provides a result in less than 10 seconds – a fraction of the time required when using a handheld tester which typically takes up to 20 minutes.

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