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The Perfect Solution: Cable Bus by Power Bus Way


We are excited to introduce the Power Bus Way Cable Bus System – the perfect solution for your electrical power distribution requirements. Power Bus Way cable bus is an electrical power distribution system that is custom-designed to efficiently and safely transmit large magnitudes of electrical current to various industrial and commercial applications. Distinguished by its compliance to the NEC and CE Code, the system meets rigorous safety and performance criteria.

Features & Benefits

Efficient & Costs Saving

  • Less expensive than competition
  • Can easily be implemented with two installation personel
  • Reduces labor costs by 30%
  • Lowers operational costs - low maintenance, low operation temperatures, no replacement costs, no heater or blower necessary


  • Heavy-duty and durable while being lightweight
  • No heaters or blowers required to maintain temperature
  • No bolted joints or splices
  • Continuously insulated conductors from termination to termination

Safe and Fully Certified

  • First cable bus to be certified to the CSA 22.2 No. 273-14 Cable bus standard
  • Waterproofentry flanges and cable connectors
  • Fire stops and environmental seals
  • Can use intermittently for standby power without flashover at startup
  • Tested & Third Party Certified for short circuit rating, heat rise, aging, heavy impacts, and load weight

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