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Reset a PanelView™ Plus 6 to Factory Default

Wayne Welk6/19/2018

In this “Tech Files” installment, we look at how to restore a PanelView™ Plus 6 to factory default state.  If you have a touchscreen only PanelView Plus 6 unit, then note that you will need a USB keyboard to attached to complete these steps.

The steps are documented in Rockwell Automation’s Knowledgebase answer ID 117316 and in Rockwell Automation video titled, "PanelView Plus & FactoryTalk View ME Tips and Tricks - How to Restore Factory Defaults."

Step-by-Step Instructions: 

All user updates will be removed including user installed firmware updates and patches.  All .MER files will be deleted. 

  1. On PanelView Plus 6 models (firmware 6.x and greater), there is a small, recessed button labeled DEFAULT into which you can insert a thin non-conductive probe. Press the Default button until the screen becomes dark, and then let go. This will restart the terminal in Maintenance mode. Important Note: If you have a terminal in a Fault state, you will need to press the Reset switch first, then press and hold the Default switch until you see the menu. 
  2. Use the down arrow on the keyboard to select Special BOOT Action. 
  3. Once Special BOOT Action is highlighted, use the left arrow key to select Restore Factory Defaults. 
  4. Use the up arrow to select Continue booting with selected options. 
  5. Click the Enter key on your keyboard to begin booting the PanelView Plus 6 to Factory Defaults. 

 See the PanelView Plus 6 Terminals User Manual (publication 2711P-UM006) for additional Maintenance mode information.