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Stratix® 5800 Ethernet Switch by Rockwell Automation

Brandon Singh7/19/2022

What’s New with the Stratix® line of industrial managed and unmanaged switches? The Stratix® 5800 Ethernet switch is the newest model in the product line and is a solution for high performance networking. Where does it fit in within the Stratix product line? The current product line features the following:

  • Stratix 2000 Unmanaged switch
  • Stratix 2500 Lightly Managed switch
  • Stratix 5700 Managed switch
  • Stratix 5400 Managed switch
  • Stratix 5800 Managed switch
  • Stratix 5410 Managed switch

The 5800 is a direct replacement for the recently End of Life Stratix 8000/8300 and within that it is a capable of supporting layer 2 access switching and layer 3 routing for multiple layers of the architecture while maintaining both fixed and modular capabilities. All switches have 10 gigabit ports and the expansion modules have either 8 or 16 ports in a variety of combinations of copper, PoE, and SFP slots.

Features and Benefits

What are the other features and benefits of the new Stratix 5800? It is an all gigabit switch platform and can support a variety of copper, fiber, and PoE choices to support a diverse set of applications. The new platform supports a robust set of switching, routing and security features to meet a broad spectrum of application needs, while supporting both IT and OT configuration and management tools allowing users to leverage the expertise of both teams.

Default configurations for industrial applications providing easy setup and optimized performance that includes Factory Talk Studio 5000 Add-on Profiles (AOPs) to enable premier integration into the Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture system. There are predefined named Logix tags for monitoring and port control along with FactoryTalk View faceplates help to enable status monitoring and alarming.

With the 5800 being on a new platform, that also includes a new operating system. The Stratix 5800 is the first switch in the Rockwell product to utilize the Cisco IOS-XE operating system. That comes with a new WebUI interface which includes new menu structures and workflows, customizable dashboards, screen sorting and filtering, and file manager. Also included in the new WebUI are extended troubleshooting tools and a direct interface to CLI, Cisco Command Line Interface.

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Written by

Brandon Singh

Network / Cybersecurity Specialist