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Our People - Terry Cardwell


Our People - our employee-owners - are a key factor to our success. This series shines a light on the people of The Reynolds Company - the people you've grown to know and trust - the people that get the job done. 

In this "Our People" spotlight, we talk to Terry Cardwell, a branch manager in New Orleans, Louisiana, about what drives him and what his hopes are for our industry.

How long have you been at The Reynolds Company? 

"13 years."

What is one of your favorite things about your job? 

"The people I work with. Every person in New Orleans Branch and in TRC as a whole are people that I enjoy working with and enjoy being with both during work and after hours." 

What is one of your favorite things about The Reynolds Company as a whole? 

"As an independent, having the flexibility to make sensible decisions that might not be part of a thick procedural manual." 

What would you tell a prospective employee about The Reynolds Company? 

"If you want to make a fair salary, be around the best co-workers, have an opportunity to advance personally and professionally, be engaged, and enjoy every day at work, then you need to be at The Reynolds Company." 

What is one of your favorite memories of being at The Reynolds Company? 

"Walt Reynolds and David Dozier hiring me and a half dozen other people inside 20 minutes, then getting the New Orleans branch open from scratch in a matter of days."