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Learning Series - Industrial Security Update


Watch the live recording of an informative seminar from The Reynolds Company as we explore strategies for securing industrial control systems from cyber threats. Gain insights from industry leaders like Rockwell Automation, Claroty  Fortinet, Crowd Strike, TXOne Networks, and Cisco Systems. Learn about endpoint protection, threat detection, next-generation firewalls, secure remote access, and USB security devices. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your cybersecurity defenses!

Learning Series - Modernization Update


In this recording of the April learning series seminar, the specialists from The Reynolds Company will provide an update and overview of how Rockwell Automation® modernizes machines with products by updating MicroLogix™ to Micro800™. Micro800™ controllers provide better performance, availability and longevity while maintaining the MicroLogix™ communication with the Micro870® L70E controller. Learn more about different modernization updates, benefits, and how The Reynolds Company can help walk you through your modernization upgrades.

Learning Series - Industrial Networking Update


In this recording of the live learning series seminar, the specialists from The Reynolds Company will provide an update and overview of Rockwell Automation®  Stratix® portfolio of industrial devices. In the last eighteen months, there have been major updates and changes to the Stratix® Portfolio to simplify switch selection, expand the higher port speed and product options, and expand options for the redundant and resilient architecture. These changes are made with a single overarching goal in mind: to support and elevate digital transformation.

Learning Series - Rockwell Automation® Design Software Update


Watch the recording of our February Learning Series seminar to learn what's new in the latest releases of Rockwell Automation® design software tools. This update includes Studio 5000® V36, FactoryTalk® Logix Echo V3, Connected Components Workbench V22, as well as cloud-based development tools in FactoryTalk® Design Hub™.

Learning Series - 2024 Automation Update


Watch the recording of our January Learning Series seminar as we offer you a general update from the specialists at The Reynolds Company.  Get the latest details on Rockwell Automation® software and controls products and life cycle updates to help you stay ahead in 2024.  This update includes controllers, I/O, visualization, networking, and automation software.

Find The Right Cable Protection Solution — with Ingress Ratings to Match your Industrial Enclosure!


Watch the recording of our TechTalk as ABB presents their T&B Liquidtight Systems™ which are ideal for machine OEMs, panel builders, system integrators, contractors, and more. Their new Cable Protection Systems (CPS) selection tool enables users to select UL 508A Section 19.0 compliant cable protection solutions that match the ingress ratings of their industrial enclosures. Hear why cable protection is important, how to reduce risk if you are the panel shop passing off on final installation to someone else, what issues are caused by the improper fitting material, and how to choose the correct fitting and conduit system.

TechTalk - TXOne Networks Security and Vulnerability Portable Inspector


Check out the recording of our November Tech Talk as TXOne Networks provides an overview of their game-changing Portable Inspector.  The Portable Inspector delivers portable, installation-free security that you can carry in your pocket in the USB form factor. It arms everyone serving in OT environments with cybersecurity capabilities to protect against malicious acts. Learn more about TXOne networks and their full range of OT native solutions.

TechTalk - Anybus and Ewon Portfolio Updates presented by HMS Networks


Watch the recording of our October TechTalk as HMS Networks provides an update on their Anybus and Ewon portfolios. The update covers their Ewon Flexy and Cosy products, Talk2M Pro updates, as well as their Anybus wired and wireless communications devices.

Learning Series - Automation Fair® Event Preview


Watch the recording of our October Learning Series seminar as we offer you an exciting preview of what's in store at the upcoming Automation Fair® Event in Boston. This engaging session provides a glimpse into the cutting-edge advancements, industry trends, and transformative solutions presented by Rockwell Automation and their Technology Partners. 

Get an exclusive first look at Rockwell Automation's innovative solutions, product launches, and enhanced capabilities across various domains such as industrial control systems, industrial networking, human-machine interfaces, industrial IoT, and more. 

TechTalk - Light up your Facility with Cooper Lighting Solutions


Watch the recording of our September TechTalk to get an update and general overview from Cooper Lighting Solutions. Meet the Cooper Lighting Solutions team and learn about the best-selling Metalux line, outdoor lighting solutions like the Lumark All Pro, and new technology like WiZ.