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TechTalk - VFD Cables: Essential or Overkill? with Southwire


In this TechTalk, Southwire™ explores the benefits of using Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) cables in industrial applications instead of standard THHN cables. VFD cables are specifically designed to handle the unique electrical characteristics and demanding operating conditions of VFD systems. This seminar covers the basics of VFD technology and how VFD cables can improve energy efficiency and equipment performance, leading to significant cost savings and reduced downtime. Topics include cable construction, insulation materials, shielding, and termination options. Watch now to gain a solid understanding of the benefits of VFD cables and how they can be applied to improve the efficiency and reliability of their VFD systems.

TechTalk - VFD Cable: Essential or Overkill? with Southwire™

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