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Getting Started with FactoryTalk® Optix™


Our specialist team has created a series of how-to videos that show how easy it is to get started with FactoryTalk® Optix™. The best part is you can start working with FactoryTalk® Optix™ today with no need to purchase a license. Simply download FactoryTalk® Optix Studio™ to your PC and you can start developing today.

How to get started with FactoryTalk® Logix Echo

Wayne Welk4/18/2022

FactoryTalk® Logix Echo is a software application that emulates the behavior of ControlLogix® 5580 controllers. FactoryTalk Logix Echo allows developers to test, debug and optimize application code without the physical hardware present. Developers can also connect to HMI and other simulation software tools to create a comprehensive digital twin of your process or machine. Learning your way around this software application is a great first step towards "digital engineering".

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