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The Reynolds Company has invested in technology and digital solutions to increase efficiencies and improve visibility and productivity. 


Time is money, and we want to save you both. ReynoldsOnline is a time-saving tool, designed specifically for you! Making things simpler, quicker, and more efficient — compromise is a thing of the past.


Our Punchout capabilities allow us to integrate YOUR procurement system with our eCommerce platform and our ERP. This allows you to access ReynoldsOnline without ever leaving your system! You can build carts, create quotes, submit POs directly to our ERP, and more.


Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the structured transmission of electronic documents. The Reynolds Company is an industry leader in the use of EDI and supports virtually all standard transaction sets. A substantial portion of The Reynolds Company transactions with customers and suppliers are processed using EDI. We process nearly 1,000 EDI transactions every day! ANSI X12 standards are used in all EDI processing and The Reynolds Company currently supports versions 3010 through 4030.

EPOD & DQ Routing

The Reynolds Company has the same capability as FEDEX and UPS. E-POD allows us to capture the delivery wirelessly, so our system is updated at the time of drop off. Our inside sales team can access the E-POD to view what time the material was signed for, and who signed for it, instantaneously. E-POD eliminates the time and potential inaccuracy of looking up a POD from an outdated filing cabinet to fax to a customer. All orders are signed for upon delivery and wirelessly uploaded to your invoice with the signature on the packing list. DQ Routing allows us to advance route for more accurate ETA and provide next day delivery in our local area.


The Reynolds Company delivers the capability of creating orders for you and providing a copy designed to your standard form and with your logo. E-Quote creates the customer PO and packing list in an electronic format, which creates a three way match out of our system that you can use to process your order. Our e-quotes are created automatically, not re-entered. This keeps the paperwork consistent between the job site and our back office.

Infor Cloud Suite Distribution

Infor Cloud Suite Distribution (formally known as SX.enterprise), is the industry leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system software that provides The Reynolds Company with the tools designed to automate the mission-critical functions within the supply chain. It includes financial, logistics, inventory, sales management, and business-critical applications that make communications and information flow among suppliers, customers, and vendors more efficient and productive.


Total Warehouse Logistics / Customized Barcoding gives each of The Reynolds Company warehouses barcoding functionality. Every single product is traceable from the moment it enters our dock to the moment it arrives to you.