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Construction Material Management

Taking on a large capital project can be overwhelming. Incorporating the correct partners into this endeavor is essential. The Reynolds Company has successfully executed material management on numerous, multi-billion dollar capital projects throughout the world. Our seasoned team and our state-of-the-art systems are second to none. We do not measure ourselves on how much we sell on a project - we measure ourselves on how much money we save each project. If you are looking to incorporate a project partner focused on future success through performance, we can help.

bulk material management

Our Material Management Services include:

  • Integrated Packaged Power and Control Systems design assistance, with dedicated project management
  • Valued Engineering assistance with engineered drawings and installation details
  • Integrated Material Management System
  • Dedicated project execution team
  • Dedicated Project Inventory
  • Material Take Off services
  • Kitting and Preassembly services
  • On-site commodity and consumable managed inventory
  • Advanced Work Packaging

cable management

Our Cable Management Services include:

  • Firm pricing copper contracts
  • Circuit level management
  • Custom reel tagging
  • Pre shipment cable testing
  • Cable gland and termination kit management
  • Reel Lagging
  • Reel disposal
  • Dedicated Project Inventory
  • Scrap and Excess Disposition

project web portal

Our Project Web Portal provides:

  • Customer accessibility
  • Progress Measurement Tools
  • Cost tracking tools
  • Material planning tools
  • Project-wide material status
  • Material release functionality
  • Customizable Project Reporting

project management team

We have a dedicated Project Management team with experienced personnel, which drives accountability and efficiencies.

document control

We use QDMS dedicated software, which provides a complete project documentation repository.

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