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We understand that training should be accessible anytime, anywhere. Rockwell Automation has created Learning+, which gives you access to 20+ e-learning courses, and 11 hybrid virtual classroom sessions.

E-learning courses cover several technologies and are interactive with simulations and videos. The new virtual classroom blended courses are hybrid, instructor-led courses, and blend e-learning, video assets, instructor lecture, interactive labs, and collaborative Q&A.

available courses

As a Rockwell Automation Authorized Distributor, we can set you up quickly for Learning+. Get ahead of the training curve and choose from a variety of e-learning courses or virtual classroom courses. Courses noted with a (V) are also offered as virtual classroom courses.



  • CCP146-EL: Logix5000 System Fundamentals (V)
  • CCP151-EL: Basic Ladder Logic Programming (V)
  • CCP153-EL: Studio 5000 Logix Designer Level 2: ControlLogix Maintenance and Troubleshooting
  • CCCL21-EL: Basic Ladder Logic Interpretation (V)
  • CCP143-EL: Ladder Logic Project Development (V)
  • CCP152-EL: Function Block Programming Course (V)
  • CCP154-EL: Structured Text and Sequential Function Chart Programming (V)
  • CMP100-EL: Connected Components Workbench Programming


  • CCA182-EL: PowerFlex 750-Series Drives Configuration & Startup (V)
  • CCA183-EL: PowerFlex 750 Series Maintenance & Troubleshooting
  • CCA184-EL: PowerFlex® 750-Series Drives Configuration for an Integrated Architecture System (V)
  • CCA185-EL: PowerFlex 525 Startup & Configuration (V)
  • DRV100-EL: PowerFlex Drives Fundamentals
  • DRV101-EL: TotalFORCE Technology Fundamentals for PowerFlex 755TS, 755TR, 755TL, and 755TM Drives


  • CCP183-EL: EtherNet/IP Configuration and Troubleshooting (V)
  • CCP184-EL: Network Fundamentals for Control Systems
  • INA201-EL: Industrial Network Architecture Foundation
  • INA202-EL: Industrial Network Architecture Intermediate
  • INA203-EL: Industrial Network Architecture Advanced Part 1
  • INA204-EL: Industrial Network Architecture Advanced Part 2
  • CYB101-EL: Cybersecurity Fundamentals in an OT Environment (P/M) (V)


  • CCPS41-EL: SLC 500 and RSLogix 500® Programming
  • CCPS43-EL: SLC 500 Maintenance and Troubleshooting


  • CCN132-EL: Motion Control Fundamentals using Kinetix® 5700 Drives (V)
  • CCN202-EL: Kinetix 5700 Troubleshoot & Project Interpretation
  • CCN144-A-EL: CIP Motion Programming (Kinetix 5700) (V)


  • PRC201-EL: PlantPAx® System Design and Implementation
  • PRC203-EL: PlantPAx Operating and Maintenance


  • SAF-LOG104-EL: GuardLogix Application Development & Troubleshooting (V)


  • FTAC-EL: FactoryTalk Asset Centre Design and Implementation V10
  • FTADV-EL: FactoryTalk Analytics DataView Fundamentals
  • FTEG-EL: FactoryTalk Edge Gateway Fundamentals
  • CCV204-A-EL: FactoryTalk® View ME and PanelView Plus Programming (V)
  • CCV207-EL: FactoryTalk View SE Programming (V)
  • VIS230-EL: ThinManager Configuration & Troubleshooting


All courses are available in a self-paced format – all you need to learn is a web browser! Additionally, the most commonly accessed courses are available in a hybrid virtual session. Each week, instructors are live online teaching these courses, so you can watch, learn, and ask questions. The same instructors are also available weekly for Office Hours – time when you can video chat and ask questions, get help, and learn from highly experienced technical resources.

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If you need more details on Learning+ or are if you're ready to enroll in a course, contact us and your local training specialist will assist you.