CALL : 866-739-6260

CALL : 866-739-6260

Bin Replenishment

Bin replenishment goes far beyond the visible savings of contracted or negotiated pricing. It includes business process improvement collaboration, and efforts to reduce "hidden" costs within your procurement process.

A program such as bin replenishment cannot be offered to everyone. It can only be offered to members of our customer community who are willing to align with us as a business partner and strategic first tier electrical supplier. These programs are customized to specific client needs with no two being exactly alike! How can we design a program for you?

Insured Warehouse

We know our customers experience loss and damages at the jobsite that are both costly and time consuming. This expectation of financial loss is so common, most contractors actually budget an amount into the job.

In our Dallas facility, we provide a solution for our customers - a secure environment for your material in our Insured Warehouse. We receive your material into our warehouse where the material is inspected for damages and all freight claims made immediately upon receipt. Your product is kept away from the elements, protected from theft, and tracked in our barcoded system. The part numbers are your part numbers assigned to the product, so that the shipping papers match your drawings for ease of receipt.

The Reynolds Company offers customer inspection prior to each shipment to allow faster receipt at the jobsite and help prevent job delays. Finally, all material released through our warehouse can be tracked and reported electronically as needed.

We provide more than a product to your jobsite, we create an environment where you can be confident in a partner that will do it right every time.