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CALL : 866-739-6260

Virtual Coaching - Remote learning based on your needs.

What is Virtual Coaching?

Virtual training sessions with a Rockwell Automation specialist allow you to discuss technology-specific scenarios, improve your technical expertise, or expand upon your e-learning experience. You can ask questions and get information on topics specific to your job.

Technology topics include: Logix, Motion, Drives, Visualization, Networks, and Safety.

Affordable & Convenient.

Select a session of up to 4 hours or up to 8 hours for 1:1 coaching or virtual groups of up to 6 students. Get the same level of knowledge transfer for either an individual session or a group of up to 6 students at the same cost. All you need is an internet connection!

Virtual sessions with Rockwell Automation specialists provide customized, informal knowledge that goes beyond e-learning.

Virtual Coaching is...

  • • Web enabled through collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams
  • • Informal Q and A or topical guidance on technologies
  • • Virtual show and tell
  • • Discussion of best practices
  • • Guidance to other resources that can support technical skill building

Virtual Coaching is not...

  • • Training – no course materials or hands-on labs with workstations will be provided
  • • Application-specific support
  • • A formalized agenda driven session
  • • A learning experience for large groups
  • • A substitute for other training efforts to shrink workforce skills gaps

Additional Resources

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