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Lockout/Tagout Services

Joe Boudreaux3/22/2022

Through Rockwell Automation, The Reynolds Company can offer Lock Out Tag Out Services that can help you reduce the safety risk to your workers, comply with OSHA standards, and reduce downtime. The Reynolds Company also offers levels of LOTO bundled programs for our customers to choose from based on safety needs at the time.

About Lockout/Tagout

What is lockout/tagout, and when is lockout/tagout required?

Lockout/tagout refers to the proper shutdown, and locking or tagging, of equipment and machines to help protect employees from hazardous energy exposure during maintenance or repair.

LOTO programs include policies and procedures that help safeguard employees from unexpected energy release (electrical, mechanical, and others) while starting or servicing machines and equipment. A good LOTO program revolves around employee safety and workplace productivity while complying with all applicable legal requirements, including OSHA in the United States.

Why is controlling hazardous energy sources important?

Employees servicing or maintaining machines or equipment may be exposed to serious physical harm or death if hazardous energy is not properly controlled. Craftworkers, machine operators, and laborers are among the 3 million workers who service equipment and face the greatest risk. Compliance with the lockout/ tagout standard prevents an estimated 120 fatalities and 50,000 injuries each year. Workers injured on the job from exposure to hazardous energy lose an average of 24 workdays for recuperation.

(OSHA Fact Sheet)

loto bundled programs

The Reynolds Company offers our customers bundled solutions that allow you to customize what level of safety support you need. 

The LOTO Awareness Package is designed for facilities with a LOTO program in place but still needs an evaluation and recommendation. 

The LOTO Enablement Package is designed for facilities that want access to Rockwell Automation tools, knowledge, and a framework to implement a Logout/Tagout program on their own. 

The LOTO Full Package is designed for facilities that want their LOTO program designed and implemented by a Rockwell Automation specialist, then handed over to them. 

Key Components of Rockwell’s Lockout/Tagout Program

1. Graphical Procedures

  • •Standardize procedure format
  • Info on each energy source including location, magnitude, device type, and methods of control & verification
  • Graphical photos to aid in identification of isolation point location
  • ID tags color-coded by energy source and installed

2. Employee Training

  • Training Content – videos, classroom instruction, hands-on work
  • General LOTO awareness
  • Recognizing Hazardous energy source, type of energy, magnitude, necessary LOTO Methods

3. Annual Audit Program

  • OSHA requires that every procedure is audited every year.
  • OSHA requires each energy control procedure in the facility to be reviewed annually to confirm it accurately reflects equipment’s energy sources
  • Conducted by RA specialists or enabled via our digital audit platform

4. Policy Creation and Review

  • Scope, purpose, and means of program enforcement
  • Definitions and responsibilities
  • Provisions for written procedures, employee training, and annual inspection
  • Instructions for special circumstances

5. Device Recommendations

  • Client site review and final evaluation
  • Rockwell Automation can provide a customized list of recommended locks, devices and lockout device stations foreach client

6. Scan ESC

  • Digitize Lockout/Tagout Program with ScanESC
  • ScanESC is a cloud-enhanced system with a user-friendly interface accessed through a mobile app and web portal. Watch this video to learn more.

written by

Joe Boudreaux

Services Specialist | Louisiana