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Regardless of the industry, electrical hazards can put everyone in a work environment at risk. Implementing a safety program is crucial to avoid accidents and downtime. Let The Reynolds Company show you how to improve electrical safety on your plant floor.

lockout tagout (LOTO)

A lockout/tagout program is a crucial component of any safety program. 

Modernize and Digitize your Lockout/Tagout program using ScanESC, a user-friendly and highly effective software solution from Rockwell Automation. ScanESC can also help implement a compliant program through site audits, procedures designs, and more.

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Safety Assessments

When it comes to Safety, a proactive approach is critical. Anticipating and preventing accidents is key to protecting your workforce and maximizing Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). Partnered with Rockwell Automation, The Reynolds Company offers a range of consultative safety services, including machine evaluation, team training, process design, and more.


To protect your equipment and your team requires an up-to-date assessment of the risk of an arc flash event, allowing for adequate safety labeling, team training, a written safety program, an accurate one-line diagram, and more. Working with knowledgeable, experienced safety personnel, The Reynolds Company can assist in managing this aspect of your facility.

The Reynolds Company can also assist in Arc Flash Program Management, helping you to effectiveness and efficiently keep your team safe and your facility in compliance. 

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