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3 Panduit® Infrastructure Solutions for Smarter Industrial Networks


Even with an established industrial network, organizations can still struggle to reduce their downtime. Not seeing any significant decrease in this metric means that the growth performance and maintainability of an industrial network are not where they should be. This can be due to several different issues, but the leading cause of infrastructure-related problems is complications with cabling. Panduit offers a complete range of network infrastructure and industrial electrical wiring products and solutions that can serve a broad range of industries. The Reynolds company partners with Panduit to help customers maximize their investment in enhanced, smart industrial infrastructure solutions.

Cable Entry Systems (CES)

Panduit Cable Entry Systems keep terminated and unterminated cables safely organized while transitioning through electrical enclosures. These CES offer strain relief (without compromising IP/NEMA ratings) and the lowest costing/easiest installation compared to traditional cord management solutions.


  • 80% shorter installation than cable glands
  • Requires 80% less space than cable glands
  • Manages cables with and without connectors

PXE™ Printers

Panduit PXE Mobile and Desktop Printers allow users to print labels for a variety of applications, including safety tags, electrical and network cabling markers, and more. These printers leverage EPSON technology and industrial-grade labels that enable contractors, OEM, panel builders, and other users to ensure their equipment, wire, and cables are properly and easily identified. 


  • Bluetooth connectivity for mobile printers
  • Lifetime warranty protection
  • Wide variety of label sizes and media options

Verisafe™ 2.0 Absence Voltage Tester

The Panduit VeriSafe 2.0 AVT is a device for verifying that a circuit is de-energized. This permanently mounted fixture decreases the risk of electrical hazard exposure when opening an electrical enclosure and is part of an NFPA 70E-compliant lockout/tagout process. The 2.0 version of the VeriSafe AVT offers network connectivity for multi-location initiation, 2 choices of faceplates (three-phase or DC/single-phased) optimized for different power systems and a battery-powered or battery-free option.


  • 10-second testing time
  • Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3
  • 1000 VAC or DC-rated

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