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Building Safer, Smarter Machines with Rockwell Automation®


With the challenges of skills shortages and higher production demands, meeting requirements for machine safety can seem like an added struggle. Smart machines, connected with intelligent, safety-enhancing assets can address these concerns. Allen-Bradley® safety solutions by Rockwell Automation can provide organizations with detailed diagnostic data, simplified machine designs, and modern safety technology that combine to increase operational visibility, optimize productivity and reduce costs. As part of a Connected Enterprise, the following safety products can help organizations embrace a proactive safety approach, cut production costs and lengthen machinery life cycles.

Safety Relays

Safety Relays perform checks on a safety system and will either allow machine start-up or stop the machine, as appropriate. Single-function safety relays are perfect for smaller machines that require a dedicated logic device to complete this operation. Modular safety relays with configurable monitoring are more suitable where minimal zone control and various safeguarding devices (e.g., safety switches and sensors) are necessary.


  • Meets functional safety standards (ISO 13849-1/ IEC 62061)
  • Shares diagnostics and status information of connected safety devices
  • Reduces unplanned downtime and increases system efficiency

Presence Sensing Safety Devices

The full line of Allen-Bradley presence sensing safety devices includes safety edge profiles, pressure-sensitive safety mats, hand detection safety sensors, light curtains and safety laser scanners. The ideal application for these products is to allow workers safe and frequent access to hazardous areas around machinery. The SafeZone™ Safety Laser Scanner is a compact device that can provide configurable restart delay and will connect to EtherNet/IP for more advanced safety solutions.


  • Detection of workers near hazardous machines or equipment
  • Broad portfolio of solutions to cover diverse environments
  • Protection for people and productivity


ArmorKinetix® Distributed Servo Drives are On-Machine™ motion control solutions that add efficiency, cost-effectiveness and flexibility to production machines. These drives are mounted outside of the electrical cabinet to optimize productivity while reducing system complexity and total costs. The smart servo drives can proactively detect machine and safety issues and use Allen-Bradley GuardLink® technology and CIP Safety™ over EtherNet/IP for smarter machines and less wiring.


  • Reduced cabinet size, cost, cabling, and cooling requirements
  • Advanced analytics capabilities including thermal and vibration sensors
  • Shortens machine build and installation processes

PowerFlex Drives

The PowerFlex® family of Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) offers flexible solutions to connect operators and industrial machinery. Within this portfolio, there is a wide range of products that integrate with most applications and enable greater insights from motor control systems. PowerFlex drives provide real-time operational intelligence to address productivity and safety compliance concerns.


  • Designed for resilience in harsh environments
  • Adaptive control for greater reliability
  • Flexible configuration for reduced engineering

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