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Components Product Update - October 2021

David Aldrich10/26/2021

We want to make sure you are up to date on the latest new products and tools offered by Rockwell Automation for sensor, safety and industrial controls. Learn more in our October 2021 update below.

product updates

140MT Motor Protection Circuit Breakers and Motor Circuit Protectors

Bulletin 140MT products offer enhanced ratings that enable assembled starters to be applied without additional branch circuit protection. Tap conductor protection ratings can save you money by allowing the use of smaller wires in group motor installations. Bulletin 140MT products are available as motor circuit protectors for three-component starters and motor protection circuit breakers for two-component starters.

140UT Molded Case Circuit Breakers

Rockwell Automation Bulletin 140UT-D space-saving molded case circuit breaker up to 40 amps. The 140UT-D breakers are UL489 and IEC 60947-2 listed for global applications. The current-limiting circuit breaker provides fixed short-circuit and overcurrent protection and offers high interrupting ratings for 2- and 3-pole devices.

42JA VisiSight M20A Miniature Photoelectric Sensors

Rockwell Automation Bulletin 42JA VisiSight™ M20A Sensors offer a small rectangular package with visible light beam for ease of alignment and industry standard mounting holes spacing of 25.4 mm (1 in.). Each model offers PNP or NPN and light operate or dark operate outputs.

843E Ethernet Absolute Encoder

Allen-Bradley® encoders are a high-quality complement to Rockwell Automation PLC-based motion control. Our encoders provide absolute feedback for position control and high-resolution incremental feedback for speed control. The latest addition to the Allen-Bradley offering is the 843E with an industry-standard EtherNet/IP™ interface. This new encoder comes standard with dual port Ethernet and M12 connectors thus providing customers with an easy, money-saving installation. This new high-resolution absolute encoder is ideal for automotive, material handling and general factory automation applications.

Rockwell Automation Product Lifecycle & Migration Announcements

Bulletin 140M to 140MT Motor Protection Circuit Breaker and Motor Circuit Protectors & Bulletin 140U to 140UT Molded Case Circuit Breaker:

Why Upgrade or Migrate? With the introduction of the Bulletin 140MT Motor Protection Circuit Breaker and Motor Circuit Protectors and the Bulletin 140UT Molded Case Circuit Breaker, Rockwell Automation announces the discontinuation of the existing 140M (C- and D-frame) and 140U (D-frame) Products by February of 2022. We will continue to serve our customers with the balance of the 140M that is F-frame up to 45A.

For more details see migration profile.

MSR to GSR Safety Relay Phase 4:

Rockwell Automation announces that as of January 15th, 2022, the CU3 and MSR300 legacy safety relays will be discontinued and no longer available for sale. The migration to new technologies will be either a functional replacement or will require engineering. To support your transition, we recommend migrating to an MSR, GSR or the CR30 software configurable safety relay. These suggested replacement safety relays offer lower costs with reduced inventory and an effective machine design that requires less wiring and panel space. Migration to these safety relays assure compliance to the latest regulations.

For more details, view this manual.

Bulletin 1692 block type electronic circuit protection to Bulletin 1694 modular electronic circuit protection:

Rockwell Automation announces the Bulletin 1692 Block-Type Electronic Circuit Protection will be discontinued and no longer available for sale as of October 1, 2021. To support your transition, we recommend migrating to Bulletin 1694 Modular Electronic Circuit Protection, which offers enhanced functionality and flexibility.

For more details see migration profile.

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