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Our Punchout capabilities allow us to integrate YOUR procurement system with our eCommerce platform and our ERP.

what is punchout?

Access ReynoldsOnline without ever leaving your system:

  • Search Catalog
  • Build Carts / Lists
  • Access Rockwell Automation Configurator Tool
  • View Rockwell Automation Availability
  • Create Quotes
  • Pull Cart or Quote line-item details
  • Submit PO direct to our ERP

punchout integration process

  1. Punchout from your system directly into ReynoldsOnline (custom or full catalog)
  2. Return Cart or Quote line item details back to your system
  3. Submit PO directly into our ERP (Infor SX.e)

punchout adds value

  • Your Real Time Pricing / Availability
  • Saves Time / Increases Order Accuracy
  • Ease of Use
  • Access Rockwell Automation Configurator / Catalog

ready to get started?

Need more information? Ready to start the integration process? Reach out to your account manager or contact our eSolutions team to get started.