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System Integrator Streamlines Purchasing Process by Integrating with The Reynolds Company


System integrator and panel fabricator, Cates Control Systems, reduces P.O. processing time by integrating their purchasing process with The Reynolds Company using our Punchout2Go solution. A punchout integration system reduces the average cost of order management by 88%.

Cates Control Systems (CCS) is an industrial system integrator and control panel fabricator that has been in business for over 40 years. After understanding their procurement obstacles, The Reynolds Company proposed a solution – PunchOut2Go integration.


CCS was experiencing record growth – the old, manual way of placing orders via email was extremely time-consuming and costly. TRC purchase orders made up 16.5% of the total number of P.O.’s entered and submitted per week. CCS needed to streamline the ordering process and verify pricing and inventory prior to submitting each purchase order. This was vital, especially considering the last few years with ongoing supply chain disruptions and price fluctuation.

Additional challenges included:

  • Numerous touchpoints to find out availability and lead times
  • No process to confirm pricing accuracy
  • Time spent on the phone

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Punchout integration for direct order submission


Cates Control Systems


Industrial Automation


Needed to streamline ordering parts from TRC

Unable to verify pricing & availability prior to submitting P.O.


“After a deep dive into the overall process and touch points, our team, along with aPivot LLC, worked with The Reynolds Company eSolutions and PunchOut2Go teams to identify the issues and determine the best path forward.”


Managing Director of Operations | Cates Control Systems

By integrating with The Reynolds Company punchout solution, Cates Control Systems is now able to:

  • Validate pricing and availability prior to placing each order
  • View on hand quantity

CCS integrated their ERP with The Reynolds Company ERP, allowing them to submit P.O.’s directly to their system via punchout integration.


CCS is now saving money in their purchasing department by securing pricing and availability information without timely delays. This immediate verification and integrated P.O. delivery has drastically reduced the time spent on each order and invoice. CCS now has confirmation of pricing accuracy and inventory before they even submit the P.O.  

After implementing the use of a pricing API and integrating systems via punchout, Cates Control Systems has reduced the average cost of order placement and management by approximately 88%.

About Cates Control Systems

Cates Control Systems or CCS is a Texas-based industrial automation company helping customers increase production, improve quality, and reduce cost. As industrial system integrators and control panel fabricators in business for over 40 years, they have the experience to develop solutions to complex manufacturing problems. Cates has the expertise to specify the best products for your project while maintaining direct relationships with top vendors for product sourcing.

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