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Cybersecurity: Securing Critical Infrastructure


It is critical to identify cybersecurity vulnerabilities in Critical Infrastructure operations today. But we can’t stop at identifying these issues - and we can't delay taking action to better harden production operations. Security leaders across Critical Infrastructure industries need concrete advice right now to lessen risks in the near term, while moving toward long-term cybersecurity plans and strategies that will continuously protect the production operations the world relies on in the future.

Rockwell Automation, the world leader in industrial automation and industrial cybersecurity, has surveyed 100+ security leaders in Critical Infrastructure industries, compiling their real-world advice and adding their own recommendations, to assist in prioritizing the best actions and investments for reducing risks quickly.

As a Rockwell Automation strategic partner, we can share these valuable resources with you. The final resource, a quick self-assessment tool, lets you benchmark your cybersecurity preparedness against results from a recent research survey of Critical Infrastructure security leaders by Rockwell Automation and ISMG.

Managing Your Software with FactoryTalk® Updater by Rockwell Automation®

Wayne Welk11/4/2022

Keeping track of your control system software doesn’t need to be a time-consuming or complicated task. FactoryTalk® Updater by Rockwell Automation® can do this work on your behalf, quickly determining what FactoryTalk software is on your computer and ending the continual search for available new versions and patch rollups.

The Hidden Value of an Integrated Service Agreement


Partnered with Rockwell Automation, The Reynolds Company offers a flexible agreement that helps our customers get more value from assets like technology, equipment, and software. Instead of juggling multiple costly support contracts, the Integrated Service Agreement covers key services like remote support, repair services, field services, e-learning and digital analytics, and reports. With proactive support and a dedicated phone number to call, we expect you’ll experience ROI while training your team and repositioning your time. Below we highlight some of the most impressive outcomes we’ve seen from customers who have invested in an ISA.

Better Automation Device Management with ControlFLASH Plus™

Wayne Welk10/13/2022

Maintaining your critical automation assets does not need to be a difficult job. When it comes to monitoring and maintaining your devices, Rockwell Automation® provides ControlFLASH Plus™, a free software tool used for electronically changing firmware revisions in hardware devices. 

Be Prepared for the Worst with FactoryTalk® AssetCentre Disaster Recovery

Wayne Welk8/25/2022

Be honest - do you have good backups of your PLC programs? What about your VFD configurations? Or industrial network switches? Yes, of course, you have a copy of those parameters somewhere on your computer, but could you quickly locate them and recover from a disaster? And how would you know if the copy you have stashed away is the latest version?

Industry 4.0 – How do we get there, and where do we begin?

Brandon Singh7/5/2022

Industry 4.0! What is it? How do we achieve it? Where do we begin? For one reason or another everyone is beginning to dive into it headfirst. Whether it is corporate mandating information and graphs to go along with OEE calculations, or because you are in a regulated market vertical and you have to shore up your security. Either way, you have to adapt to the new normal, but where to begin?

DCOM Hardening Patch Overview


CVE-2021-26414 documents a Windows DCOM server security feature bypass vulnerability. As a result, Microsoft is addressing this vulnerability with a hardening patch. On June 14, 2022, the hardening changes will automatically be enabled unless the user chooses to disable them. On March 14, 2023, the hardening changes will be enabled by default with no means to disable them. This is documented in Microsoft's Windows support knowledge base article KB5004442.

Identify and Mitigate Risks with an Installed Base Evaluation™

Andrew Hultgren5/6/2022

One of our most popular offerings is an Installed Base Evaluation™, or IBE. This is a service led by The Reynolds Company that utilizes a TRC Technician to go onsite, collect hardware and/or software data, and then deliver a detailed report. The report provides lifecycle status, critical spares, access inventory, etc. 

Lockout/Tagout Services

Joe Boudreaux3/22/2022

Through Rockwell Automation, The Reynolds Company can offer Lock Out Tag Out Services that can help you reduce the safety risk to your workers, comply with OSHA standards, and reduce downtime. The Reynolds Company also offers levels of LOTO bundled programs for our customers to choose from based on safety needs at the time. 

What is a CHAMP Program?

Joe Boudreaux2/16/2022

Did you know that The Reynolds Company offers a CHAMP program? CHAMP stands for Channel Asset Management Professional. This means that we have a dedicated individual trained to maximize the value of your equipment using industry best practices. We can offer you this service for FREE!