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Halo® LED Direct Mount Recessed Downlight

The HLB is an ultra-thin LED lens downlight with a remote driver - ideal for new construction and renovation work. Installation is simplified, eliminating recessed cans to save time and money. HLB can be installed into any standard cutout to create an airtight finish. 

T&B Liquidtight Systems™

Liquidtight Systems, the industry leader in cable protection products, has expanded its top-quality line of flexible metal conduits and fittings to the world, making it easier than ever for you to find exactly what you need for your application. All can be configured for the unique needs of the job whether you require data security, chemical and corrosion resistance, wide or extreme temperature tolerance, food and beverage installations, electromagnetic protection, lightweight aluminum materials, or just a general application with Liquidtight's characteristically high ingress protection.

ReliaGear™ Pro-Stock™ Lighting Panelboard by ABB

Engineered for projects with short turnaround, ReliaGear Pro-Stock lighting panelboards are a smart investment when operational downtime cannot be afforded. Pro-Stock lighting panelboards are delivered unassembled providing the flexibility to select interior, enclosure type, front, main, and sub-breaker kit to meet most application requirements immediately.

Components Product Update - October 2021
David Aldrich10/26/2021

We want to make sure you are up to date on the latest new products and tools offered by Rockwell Automation for sensor, safety and industrial controls. Learn more in our October 2021 update.

Cooper Lighting Solutions - Germicidal UV Disinfecting Solutions

Cooper Lighting Solutions has leveraged UV-C technology to solve a global need: clean spaces, things and places. Germicidal UV disinfection solutions are non-visible ultraviolet lighting that kills bacteria, mold, and fungi while deactivating viruses.


Introducing the new BURNDY PATRIOT T3 Series; redesigned to meet specifications with confidence using onboard GPS and data collection. This crimper provides an undeniable competitive advantage, with state of the art technology enhancing the application of the BURNDY Engineered System.

Introducing Fiix

Fiix is a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) compromised of tools that allow your team to schedule and act on maintenance before downtime eats up your productivity.

Hoffman Thermal Audit

Keeping your electronics cool is essential to maximizing the life cycles of your electronic devices, reducing capital expenses, and keeping your business running. A thermal audit is a great way to quickly identify problem areas that can affect performance and potentially damage your critical equipment.

Hubbell inREACH Cord Reel

Hubbell Wiring Devices new inREACH cord reel provides real solutions.

Hoffman Universal Free-Stand

Universal Free-Stand enclosures speed design and modification with easy accessory choices for large Unibody enclosures. These standard enclosures ship faster, modify and assemble faster and increase safety providing you and your customers more time.