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The BURNDY® Engineered System: Powering Safe and Reliable Connections


The BURNDY® Engineered System of dies, connectors and tools guarantees a UL Listed connection backed by a 5 year warranty.

In the world of electrical connections, reliability and safety are non-negotiable. For over 90 years, BURNDY has been a trusted name in the industry, and they've continued to deliver innovative solutions that set the gold standard for electrical connections. In this article, we're diving into the Burndy Engineered System, tailor-made to meet the exacting needs of industrial and commercial contractors.

100% Confidence

Matching Die, Wire, and Connector: The BURNDY® Engineered System ensures that the die index, wire size, and the color-coded die and connector are perfectly matched. This simplifies installation and guarantees secure connections.

UL Listed Connections owned by BURNDY:  Safety is paramount on the job site. The BURNDY® Engineered System provides UL Listed connections, backed by a robust 5-year warranty. This commitment to safety and quality sets BURNDY apart in the industry.

Extensive Testing: BURNDY has one of the most comprehensive compression connection systems in the industry, and it has been extensively tested for UL, CSA, ANSI, and other certifications. It's trusted across various sectors, including utilities, aerospace, and more.

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