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Your digital transformation journey into Industry 4.0 starts with a reliable, robust, and secure plant-wide industrial Ethernet network. The Reynolds Company provides a full portfolio of industrial networking products and services to connect your automation devices across your plant and throughout your enterprise.

We are aligned with industry leading technology partners that address logical and physical networking to help along your digital transformation journey.

Network Design

Our network consulting and design services assist you with network planning and design to ensure the needs of your industrial network are met.

  • A custom-tailored design which increases in scale with the size of your organization
  • Seamless integration into your existing enterprise network for ease of operational control and data collection
  • Built in security assurance to minimize risk of security incidents
  • View the Network Design Report or Drawings customer samples for additional information

Network Assessments

Our network assessment capabilities assist you with evaluating current network architectures for performance, documentation, and expansion planning.

  • Prioritization of improvements so you know what to address and focus on first in network remediation 
  • Opportunities for network segmentation to boost performance and improve security
  • Reduce network downtime and ensure reliability
  • Reporting based on looking at physical topology, switch selection, router selection, Ethernet communications modules, environmental conditions, cable selection, cable management, cable labeling, power redundancy and grounding
  • View a Network Assessment customer sample

Network Security

We can provide security posture surveys to provide feedback as to the vulnerabilities of your plant network, performance and documentation.

  • A comprehensive view of your network’s existing state: configuration of server, networks, storage solutions, and supporting hardware
  • Mapping your identified assets to help you understand your communications and make sure they are behaving as expected
  • Identification of vulnerabilities to prevent security incidents
  • Recommendations for best operation and security practices
  • View a Security Posture Survey sample report

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