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CALL : 866-739-6260

Aging industrial control systems (ICS) are risks to maintaining operations of your critical facility assets. Facility engineers are faced with important decisions on what to do with their aging infrastructure. The benefits of modernization are clear - better productivity, better connectivity, better security.

The Reynolds Company can help you plan and execute your ICS modernization projects.

Where to begin?

The best place to start the journey towards a modern "Connected Enterprise" is to know what is currently installed in your facility and understand where your obsolescence risks are.

We can help you with those initial steps with:

  • • Installed Base Evaluations - identify and analyze critical control system assets
  • Product Lifecycle Status Tool - look up product lifecycle status and suggested replacements
  • Product Compatibility and Download Center - check compatibility of various hardware and software combinations
  • • Lifecycle Services - lifecycle extensions, repair support and migration services

Rockwell Automation products are classified under one of four lifecycle stages:

  • • Active: includes the most current Rockwell Automation parts
  • • Active Mature: products that are fully supported, but a newer product or product family exists
  • • End of Life: the discontinued date has been announced and it is time to actively execute migrations and last-time buys
  • • Discontinued: products that are no longer manufactured, but repair or exchange services may be available

Lifecycle Extension and Migrations Video

Specific Hardware Migration and Modernization Resources


PanelView Standard -  Migration Guide: PanelView Standard

PanelView Plus -  Migration Guide: PanelView Plus

PanelView Plus 6 -  Migration Guide: PanelView Plus 6


ProSoft Technology offers a number of migration gateways and in-chassis modules, all allowing you to upgrade in phases when replacing legacy controllers with an Allen-Bradley PAC. The gateways allow your new PAC to control your existing I/O.

HMS Anybus