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Asset Management

The Reynolds Company is here to help you maximize your productivity and the value of your automation infrastructure. Right-sizing storeroom inventory, decreasing mean time to repair (MTTR), managing the risks posed by obsolete product – we have services and programs designed to assist you on each of these topics, and experts who can walk you through best practices.

Facility Assessments

In order to maximize productivity, you need accurate, detailed information about your facility. Data-driven decision making is possible only when you have the actionable information. The Reynolds Company offers a variety of facility assessments and consulting services to help you address many issues within your facility.  

Network Assessment: Our network assessment capabilities assist you with evaluating current network architectures for performance, documentation, and expansion planning.

Safety Assessment: Partnered with Rockwell Automation, we offer a range of consultative safety services, including machine evaluation, team training, process design, and more.

Installed Base Evaluation

Installed Base Evaluation

The Installed Base Evaluation™, or IBE, is focused on helping you solve two major issues: spare parts and obsolescence. Our team collects information from each control panel in your facility, correlates that data with your storeroom inventory, and makes recommendations of what spares should be kept on hand, and what migrations should be performed first. Listen to our TRC Talks podcast episode on IBE or watch our TechTalk for a more in depth overview.

parts management agreement

The Parts Management Agreement, or PMA, is designed to reduce the total cost of ownership of your automation infrastructure while increasing reliability. Storeroom inventory can represent a large carrying cost, yet the cost of not having the correct spares – and the resulting downtime – can be even larger. With a Rockwell Automation PMA, critical spares are stored at your facility, while the inventory is still owned by Rockwell Automation, for a fixed monthly fee. Items are purchased at time of use, allowing for an in-service warranty, and reducing the loss of warranty as parts sit in your storeroom.

About Fiix

Simplify your journey to modern asset maintenance.


Fiix is a cloud-based computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). Its simple, user-friendly design maximizes productivity by putting the right information in your teams’ hands when they need it.

Extended Warranty

Extended Warranties are available on Allen-Bradley products designated as repairable in one, two, three, and four year increments. This can be ordered any time within the original warranty period, and is delivers peace of mind and security of budget.

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